Highlighted Rep of the Week: SHANEL QUIHUIZ

Shanel Quihuiz is 22 and before joining the business she was a store manager of Zumiez. With previous positions she has always strived for more growth.  This business attracted her because of the growth opportunity. After meeting her mentors and business partners she knew with hard work and dedication she would have the support and possibilities to flourish. Her goal in the business is to become the number one Southern California manager in her division and continue to develop and help others meet their goals. Shanel worked hard and earned a spot to attend this year’s R&R weekend in Jamaica. When Shanel was told she would be attend she though it was, “unbelievable and something I know no other company would offer.” With the structure of the business and her self-motivation, Shanel believes the possibilities are endless and her life has changed for the better because of it.